Saturday, December 26, 2009

Pago Pago, American Samoa

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After another three night, five day sail of hand steering from Suwarrow to Pago Pago Harbour and American Samoa was the next port of call. An incredibly beautiful island with verdant green mountains and a large pod of humpback whales greeted us on our entry to this island paradise. We were very excited about being able to restock the boat with reasonably priced groceries and alcohol. The thought of some fresh vegetables and a restaurant cooked meal was something we dreamed about. Amazingly after trying to raise the harbour master without success and docking at the customs dock, the first sign of American culture was a MacDonald's. We commented on the incredibly safe harbour we were in and how protected it would be from cyclones, Little did we know what this safe haven had in store for us two days later. In typical island time, no officials were there to greet us, so we waited to see what we needed to do to clear customs and immigration. Eventually a quarantine officer wandered down and told us to come back on Monday for check in and we could officially now visit this magnificent and scenic island. No money or paperwork was exchanged, but we had learnt over the time we had sailed into so many harbours and islands you cannot rush things and do not get too hang up on officialdom.

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Geoff and Pat Craigen said...

Having enjoyed your company in the Bahamas, and having Jake, Anastasia and Logan from Northern Rebel as substitute grandchildren, we watched your progress westward with envy, interest and concern.
We were glad you'd arrived safely in Pago Pago, then horrified by the news of the tsunami and elated that you survived.
Too bad about the "Bay" but you had a great time and have lived to tell the tale.
Good luck in the future,
Love Geoff & Pat
sv Beach House