Thursday, September 18, 2008

We are still waiting!!!!

We visited the land of Mickey Mouse and cringed as we watched a month's cruising budget disintegrate in one week. Very expensive, but it has to be done I am afraid. The kids loved it, but both Garry and I are wishing for the cruising life. Garry is getting very frustrated as we try and get the repairs done so we can move the boat to a live-aboard dock. This is not a cheap option, but certainly cheaper than a hotel!!! We are both very keen to start cleaning and stocking her ready for the cruise south. We both feel a little like we do not belong anywhere and want our new home, "the Bay" to be ready for her new occupants. We look at her longingly and lament her sorry state. It appears as though her intestines or internal working has undergone major surgery. She is a mess, with her engine partially pulled out and her mizzen mast hacked at. The radar cables have been severed as well, much to Garry's horror. Not a pretty sight! Unfortunately the workers appear to operate on Floridian time and there is always the promise that it will be ready tomorrow. Garry is about to "spit it" at the repairers and I am afraid I will be needed to go in and mop up the damage. He is about to sack them all and finish the repairs himself. If the engine was complete we could move her at least. We visited the dock where we may set up home for a while. Very trendy! Amazing position, in the middle of town with a "pub" at our doorstep, nightclubs, beautiful river walks etc. The nearest equivalent I can think of is like East Perth, but with more history. It could be very comfortable for a while. We then plan to hang off the anchor near Miami, lots of nice harbours and bays like Biscayne Bay, of course. We have visited lots of marine stores and have found the cost of things very reasonable. I cannot wait to unpack the suitcases and get the kids started on a routine. I have been pushing them to journal and got them into some puzzles and word games, but we will pick up their distance education books this week and get them started on their schooling. They are going to learn French and have made contact with their French teacher today. I have made a start on my text book as my publisher is breathing down my neck and as soon as it is done I can get paid!!!! We will look back in a few months and think of the funny side of things and wonder how we could have thought it all so difficult. We are getting closer to our original plan every day and for now we must play the waiting game!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lisa and the kids first look at our new home!!!!!

Its 11th of September 2008 and Lisa,Anastasia and Jacob got to see our new boat "Biscayne Bay" for the first time.Our thoughts are as follows:
Lisa....ever diplomatic said she thought it was fantastic,as she peered around the engine hoist still erected in the saloon.She is really positive and that is what I needed to hear at that moment,I knew the work I had organised prior to arrival would not be complete,thanks to the multitude of Tropical storms ,the latest being Hurricane "IKE",currently en route for Texas.
Anastasia.....hhhmmm which cabin do I want?And "Its OK!".......
Jacob......his standard "I dunno", said to me it was an OK thing and Anastasia will get her way!
Garry....It was my second time aboard phsyically and my 1108 time mentally, now I'm thinking ...."Wow"(censored for public viewing purposes) what the heck are we doing?
I wish some of my mates and family could be here to slap me on the back and say "MMMMMMAAAAATTEE" nice boat,and share an ale or two as we fix the ever increasing list of repairs, inevitable on a boat of this age and marginal neglect,as the last owners live in Puerto Rico and obviously lost interest a while ago.
Anyway a quick mental regroup assisted with a couple of Heinekens and I am back on track and back making repairs in my head at least.
Got to get alongside a marina.
Got to get the kids to Disney Land................
Best get another beer!!