Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bora Bora

It took some effort to depart Tahiti, somehow we just could not leave. However, not because we did not want to but, we understood why they call it the "Isles de Vent". We spent a very scary night at anchor with 60 knot winds, watching boats dragging their anchor and flying by us why Garry stayed up motoring into the wind to take the pressure of the anchor and then when we finally got out the harbour we got whipped, broke our mainsail furler and limped back to port. After repairs we set off again thinking we would try a different tactic and head around the southside of Morea, again to be hit by confused large swells and 35 plus knots of wind. This time we found a break in the fringing reef and spent the night in a beautiful deserted bay, watching the locals undergo a canoeing regatta. We think our boat become part of the race as they rounded the bow to head back down the bay. In the end we just made a dash for it and headed towards Bora Bora. A beautiful night sail, with the moon as company saw us arrive at the reef edge of Bora Bora at sunrise, where we were greeted by a large whale frolicking in the early morning light. The island is beautiful and you understand why it is considered the jewel of French Polynesia. We spent several days walking through the markets and tourists shops, snorkeled in the most clear and warm water we have ever had, drank hideous Tahitian rum (paradise comes with a price and any imported alcohol is way too expensive). Unfortunately we have to leave as the cyclone season is breathing down our neck and we have altered our original plans to get home as soon as possible. We are heading towards Suwarrow (the northern tip of the Cook Islands) and then America Samoa where the cost of reprovisioning is much more reasonable and we can spend our remaining American dollars. So no more entries or normal emails for probably 10 to 11 days.
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Geoff and Pat Craigen said...

I'm reading a book that calls Morea the most beautiful island in the Pacific. True?

Kylie said...

Sounds and looks beautiful. Keep safe and we can't wait for the next installment of your exciting adventure.

Susan Nelson said...

Hey not heard anything for a couple of days. Thought you should be in Samoa by now.Talk soon, Hope all is well.