Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Bahamas

With intermittent Internet maintaining the Blog and updating it has been a challenge. We are now in Treasure Cay in the Abacos en route back to the USA. We decided to head back to the States as we have some work to do on the boat and we still have not seen any of the sights. We have met lots of fantastic people throughout our three months in the Bahamas and have been sailing in company ever since we left No Name Harbour in Key Biscayne. We are thinking of heading north to Chesapeake Bay to visit Washington DC, Baltimore, Newport and New York. We may even manage to make a trip to Canada. We have seen some amazing places in the Bahamas like Bimini, the Berry's, Nassau, Exumas, Royal Island in Eleuthera and now the Abacos. We are enjoying the Abacos like many other places we have been to, but are ready to experience some other cultures and sights. The children have enjoyed the challenges of fishing and have had a couple of fish on their line, but have never been able to bring them on board before they escape or snap the line. We are looking forward to heading north and seeing what challenges come our way.

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