Thursday, November 13, 2008

Caribbean cruising ready or not !!

G'day from the "BAY" ......well we have spent some serious money and a lot of time and effort from all of us to get this far, however I am pleased to report that our beloved "Biscayne Bay" seems to have accepted us .By that I mean that my fix lists are at a steady level of "need to's" ,and I do not wake up with two more jobs to do than when I went to sleep.Lisa and I are itching to cast of the lines and do what we came here for,Jake and Anastasia would be happy to stay here where the good restaurants are, and the cool cars and limos that cruise the boulevards!Having said that both the kids are going great guns at their education and learning so many facets of life that I know they would not get at home, a spot of fishing to a little water conservation all seems to add to their daily lessons,Lisa is doing an amazing job of teacher/mum/first officer and of course my lovely wife.
We will clear US customs in the morning,then sail to "No name harbour" on the SE side of Key Biscayne on Saturday,then spend three days or so waiting for the winds to clock around from anywhere in the South to enable a comfortable crossing of the Gulfstream.I want to ease my family and crew into the better side of family cruising,also "Peaches" the hamster does not have her sea legs yet!

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