Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lisa and the kids first look at our new home!!!!!

Its 11th of September 2008 and Lisa,Anastasia and Jacob got to see our new boat "Biscayne Bay" for the first time.Our thoughts are as follows:
Lisa....ever diplomatic said she thought it was fantastic,as she peered around the engine hoist still erected in the saloon.She is really positive and that is what I needed to hear at that moment,I knew the work I had organised prior to arrival would not be complete,thanks to the multitude of Tropical storms ,the latest being Hurricane "IKE",currently en route for Texas.
Anastasia.....hhhmmm which cabin do I want?And "Its OK!".......
Jacob......his standard "I dunno", said to me it was an OK thing and Anastasia will get her way!
Garry....It was my second time aboard phsyically and my 1108 time mentally, now I'm thinking ...."Wow"(censored for public viewing purposes) what the heck are we doing?
I wish some of my mates and family could be here to slap me on the back and say "MMMMMMAAAAATTEE" nice boat,and share an ale or two as we fix the ever increasing list of repairs, inevitable on a boat of this age and marginal neglect,as the last owners live in Puerto Rico and obviously lost interest a while ago.
Anyway a quick mental regroup assisted with a couple of Heinekens and I am back on track and back making repairs in my head at least.
Got to get alongside a marina.
Got to get the kids to Disney Land................
Best get another beer!!


trisnjas said...

Sounds bloody exciting dude, also sounds like you may still be in the Carib for a few rums by the time we get there! Cuba sounds good, a few mojito's and some massive cigars... Send more photos as soon as you can, really want to have a look at her.

Well, you are out here in the wilderness with the rest of us now, so have a few more heinies and fill the v berth with them as well...


SV Westward II said...

The repair list will only keep on getting longer, one off and 2 more will appear, they have a life of there own. It was great catching up with you last week, I'm back in Darwin starting on our repair listwhich has also growen while I was in Perth. Enjoy Disneyland and IKE if he gets close and let us know how you get on with all those bridges


Mike & June said...

"MMMMMMAAAAATTEE" nice boat,and as you suggested I am having the ale!!!! going down well, not that i need cooling down, its all rather cold, wet and yucky!!!!!
Well your home looks impressive, our home is still on the market, new carpet, new paint and still no buyers. Oh well...... Now I have been acknowledging the hurricanes over there and trust you are safe and well sheltered, June & I often say "wonder what they are doing now?" For me I am at the electronics company still and going rather well - a bit Aussi - work half speed for half a day and you've won!!!! Oops just realised this blog goes semi public...oh well.....Talking work and now talking to the children....children I trust you are pulling your weight and helping the "oldies" an adventure of a life time can't be succsesful unless we are all doing our bit !!!! I am sure you already are doing your bit, well done and keep it up. Well - to all of you June & I would like to wish you a continued safe and healthy adventure and have a beer on us. Our love goes to you all. P.s. we made up two of the "ten" at the wedding ha ha.XXXXOOOOXXXX