Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The journey begins

Today we made the big committment to purchase the boat that is going to be our home for our big adventure! We paid the deposit and bought the plane ticket and Garry is heading off to Marathon Key to survey and inspect her. However, she turned out to be a dud! Panic set in and Garry spent the next 4 days travelling 1200 miles across the Floridian countryside to peruse three other boats we had on our shortlist! We did not want to face the prospect of a wasted trip let alone the wasted expense to cover the entire exercise. In the end he fell for a 52" Irwin Ketch! He has a soft spot for these large, broad yet, graceful looking vessels and it has always been his dream to own one. It did not take much to convince Lisa that this was the best vessel to be our family home. She has three good size cabins for the family and a great galley. We have lots of plans for baking bread and cakes, but if Lisa cooks it, it will probably be charcoal! Hopefully Jacob and Anastasia will come to the rescue or perhaps Capt. Bligh (oops Garry) may smell the burning embers from below.

Anyway we take possession in the next few weeks and then she will have some repairs done before we arrive. We hope this will be in early September. We plan a renaming ceremony as soon as possible, as all our vessels will affectionately been known as "The Bay". This one will be called "Biscayne Bay" (a reflection of her Flordian origin).Hopefully, some photos will soon be posted of her and her new family!

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SV Westward II said...

so you have taken the first step - we will be checking in regularly for updates - what a brilliant blog!